Welcome to the love revolution and Malmös first Kama Sutra Festival!

On the 1-2nd of june we invite you to an intimate space of exploring a new dimension of intimacy, love and sublime conscious eroticism. It’s a weekend of learning, of self-discovery, of soulful meetings, of playful exploration and of tasting the delights of life. You are invited into a space of mystery, where the ancient wisdom of the kama sutra will open doors to unexpected dimensions of sublime pleasure, tender intimacy, 

Dare to open your self to the pure sensual delights and enter the Erotic Eden..

From sugar to honey..

A highlight theme for this festival will be the ecstatic exploration of the pure sublime eros, which is very different from the instinctual gross sexuality. The pure Eros is awakening, fulfilling, inspring, energizing, healing and euphoric, and never leaves us feeling empty, frustrated, unfulfilled and unhappy. The sexual energy on the otherhand is the animalistic unconscious urge, which is enchaining, leaving us empty, depleted, always hungry for more, for something else, leading to abuse and distraction. It is the unconscious manifestation of our creative potential, which leads to procreation of the speices.

The sublime pure eros on the other hand, is always directed upwards, has an uplifting ascendant flow. Having even a slight experience of this difference, ones world can be totally transformed. It allows you to use eroticism for your inner awakening, for bringing juiciness and joy in every aspect of life. Embodying the sublime eros is a conscious act, that will help us to discover the lost Eden. 

The Program

(Program may still be changed)

Is the tantra festival something for me?

You can come as a single, together with friends or as a couple! You are welcome even if it is your first time or wether you already have a lot of experience. Every year, we create a program that is filled with a wide range of activities. So it is suitable both for the curious ones just looking for an inspiration to spice it up a bit, and also for you who are searching and ready to take some new decisions and kickstart a change in your life.

The tantra festival will have both elements of “quiet and cosy” and “highly dynamic” inspiring sensations, heart connections and deep conversations.

Do you envision a life filled with more presence, intimacy and joy of living but don’t know where to begin?

Are you ready to put your beliefs, assumptions and understanding of your self to the test?

A warm welcome to the tantra festival!