During the festival you will be invited into a safe space for exploring your inner nature, yet softly encouraged to let go of what holds you back and step into your intimate, unlimited inner reality.

Genuine tantric wisdom provided by deeply experienced and world-renown teachers and experts.

It will be a weekend of exploring, enjoying, playing, moving, laughing, touching, loving, transforming and truly BEING!

In this way we discover how in fact our entire life is a love story and being in love with all aspects of life will be as natural as breathing!

During this weekend you will get a taster into the mysteries of the ancient erotic spiritual teachings of kama sutra and Tantra through inspiring lectures, awakening workshops and unique artistic performances.

The initiatic sacred erotic art will be harmoniously integrated throughout the entire festival, as conscious art gives us the capacity to communicate profound messages directly to the heart and has a deeply transformative value.

– Re-Discover Intimacy

– Re-Learn Eros

– Re-Awaken your Heart

– Re-New your Playfulness

– Re-kindle your fire of Passion

– Re-Fresh your ability to Love

– Re-Lax into Bliss

– Re-Member your Inner Gifts

– Re-joice into the Present Moment

– Re-Volutionize your lovelife