EDEN ART by Ines Honfi


Love-Beauty-Sublime Eros

Ines has more than 20 years of experience as an Artist and Art teacher. Her process of creation is supported by meditation, yoga and tantra practice which became the gate to access the most wonderful inspirations.

She combines Visual Arts and her tantric knowledge and experiences to transmit beauty, intimacy, ecstasy and elevated love.
Ines is a Certificated Art teacher and Visual artist from Art academy Regina Pacsis. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ines sees Art as the pure expression of our soul, as a powerful tool for our spiritual growth and transformation.

To create, and contemplate art is a spiritual practice in itself. Art is helping us to let go of the agitation of the mind, and for shorter or longer periods of time, suddenly connect and merge with our deepest nature. Through art we are able to understand in a very pleasant way a complex process, idea or principle That’s why when a piece of art, a painting, a piece of music, an inspired movie, makes an impact on us, we instantaneously are able transport ourselves in another universe. Sometimes those moments are unforgettable and stay with us forever..

Any piece of Art transmits a message and maintains certain resonance. Through her art work, Ines wishes to transmit beauty, love, sublime Eros, elevated passion, intimacy, connection, etc..

In her couple’s paintings we see a wonderful combination of the energies of love, sublime passion and a deep polarity and attraction between the lovers.

The men and women are depicted in an archetypal way showing the cosmic game of Shiva-Shakti, masculine-feminine, yin- yang, energy-consciousness.

See more at www.ineshonfi.com, visit her online gallery, shop an and blog.

Ines is a Certified Yoga and Tantra teacher of Atman – International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. 

Sylvie Dakini (RO)

Sylvie is a dancer, a yoga and tantra practioner for more than 10 years. From all the forms of art she explored, dancing remained her biggest passion. After her experience with ballet and modern dance when she was a child, she discovered oriental and indian dance. She coordinated for 2 years belly dance groups for all ages and took courses of traditional indian dance. Recently she started learning pole dance and this helped her manifest even more grace and femininity. Now she is coordinating tantric groups for women and teaching courses and workshops of sacred erotic dance.

Full of life and enthusiasm, Sylvie radiates warmth and confidence together with a good practical sense and vivid intelligence. Combining the tantric teachings with her artistic nature she found a way to bring to surface her deepest emotions and sensuality in a very intense and also refined manner. This made her realize how dancing can be used as an instrument of self-knowledge and self-development, as something which helps us go beyond our mind and thus closer to our true divine nature. ‘

During the festival Sylvie will enchant us with her passionate performances.




Music always played important role in his life and dj:ing is what makes his heart really happy, especially when seeing people enjoying and dancing ecstatically to the tunes he´s playing. He´s a Yogi and Tantric practitioner for many years and this is felt in his sets which are always uplifting, beautiful and soul-penetrating. He loves to play trance but also deep-house and everything that makes his soul fly. During the festival he will be playing sensual ecstatic tunes at our roof top open sky dance floor.


Ronja has danced since she was a child, and have by now over 15 years of experience being, and performing on stage, in dance, circus, and other artforms.
Since 2015 she has been a fulltime Freelance artist, and from both before that year and after, she has spread joy and her art in many places around the world! During the Kama Sutra festival we will be able to enjoy some of her dazzling performances!

Dharma Art Group

Dharma Art Group is the result of spontaneous performances that has been made by a group of tantric initiates and yogis who over the years created conscious art through dance, music, theatre, poetry and other forms of art. The members of the group is a core group of yogis, but often their performances are accompanied with guest artists. During this festival they will prepare special delicious art moments for awakening your being and expanding your heart. Dharma Art group aims to express pure, beneficial energies and especially the expression of the sublime eros, ment to awaken and stimulate the senses and through sensuality, love, playfulness and wisdom.