Kama Sutra

The erotic revolution has just begun!

More and more people are discovering the connections between the erotic energy, ecstatic experiences and a profound inner development

But this knowledge is far from being common… Back in ancient india, tantric masters worked systematically and the subject was duly explored and studied in depth – after all, it was something very important!

Wise men and women discovered an astounding secret … that the fully awakened erotic energy is a force of cosmic proportions. A force that could, in the wrong hands, destroy everything and create disharmony and suffering among humans. But it is also a primordial force originating from the power of creation itself which can destroy darkness and open doors that would otherwise remain closed forever.
The wise men and women often guarded their most precious secrets and hid them carefully. They were hidden in texts and stories that were passed on from generation to generation, encoded in simple words and archetypal stories. Overlooked and forgotten by all those who have lost their sense of depth and mystery.

KAMA SUTRA is the second best-selling book in the whole world but it is also at the same time a story that is only half told…
Come and discover its secret at the Kama Sutra Festival!