The event is having 18+limit and we will check ID at the door.

*Note: Tickets are non-refundable. They are impersonal though, so they can be sold or given away.

* All participants and instructors should pay attention to everybody’s boundaries, and respect them. Everybody has the right to set their own boundaries, and if somebody is not respecting this, then please advice a staff member. A person who does not adhere to this rule by making inappropriate sexual advances will be asked to leave the festival, and risks becoming banned from future tantrafestivals. We want everybody to feel comfortable and enjoy exploring their sexuality in a safe environment based on love and care. This is why we have a zero-tolerance policy against this type of behaviour. * For everybodys comfort, smoking and alcohol consumption is forbidden at the festival. If you want to smoke you have to step outside on the street, not on the terrace. Smoking indoors or on the terrace can lead to a warning or being asked to leave the festival.

* Meat eating is forbidden during the festival (meat, bird, fish etc). If you want to eat meat we ask you kindly to do this somewhere else.

* Mobile phones must be turned off or on flight mode during the festival. Tantra strives to keep the consciousness in the present moment, therefore we would like to make the tantrafestival a mobile free zone. If you need to make a phone call or send a message, please do this outside on the street.

* Photography is forbidden during all workshops as well as in between workshops. There will be official photographers on sight with visible name badges so that you can recognise them. If you do not wish to be photographed, please advice our photographers in advance.