Aurora Georgijevic (SE)

Tantrafestival Host


Aurora has practised yoga and tantra for the last 16 years and is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within AIFYM. A deep interest in health, awakening and personal development led her in an early stage of life to various spiritual teachings and further on to a university degree in Science of Public Health. Discovering tantra, she became deeply fascinated by the practical and all-embracing attitude of the tantric teachings, of applying and discovering this wisdom in daily life. Tantra helped her to discover that ecstasy is not reserved for special occasions, but can be unlocked in every aspect of life. Her teaching style is playful, honest&direct, full of wisdom, enthusiasm and deep love for the tantric tradition. For the last 8 years, Aurora has been the coordinator for a flourishing Yoga Centre and is currently teaching in Natha Yoga Centre in both Malmö & Stockholm. She is teaching courses in yoga, tantra, tantra for women and arranging various events, workshops, retreats and festivals. She is also the coordinator of Tantrafestival in Sweden. Her soul ambition in this life is to passionately spread the message of the transforming power of love and to make the wisdom teachings accessible to as many people as possible.

Advaita Mihai Stoian

Advaita is one of the most prolific and experienced Tantra teachers of our time. He is a researcher, author, mentor, philanthropist, activist and, above all, student of the life that is revealed through Tantra.

Advaita is a highly skilled “surfer” on the waves of modern life. Using the genuine tantric teachings as his “surfboard”, through his three decades of practice he has become one of the most inspiring speakers and respected role models in the art of living a tantric life.

As an educated scientist in the fields of quantum physics and artificial intelligence, Advaita’s main contribution as a teacher is the bridging of science and spirituality, making the teachings of the spiritual sciences accessible for everyone. The result is highly effective guidance that addresses practitioners, and is perfectly adapted to the views of our contemporary world.
Advaita is the coordinator of the Tantra Teacher Training Course and Yoga Teacher Training Course of the ATMAN International Federation of Yoga and Meditation and co-creator of one of the foremost tantra courses that is being taught worldwide today.

Ulrik Adinatha and Daniela Ananda

Ulrik Adinatha and Ananda have been loving and living as a tantric couple the last 12 years. They have been teaching and guiding people to reawaken the spark and love in their love relations for many years, and in how people can get to know each other on a much deeper level than before. Ulrik Adinatha is the leader of the Tantra Temple in Denmark, where they both teach tantric massage. They also organize workshops, retreats and tantric holidays, guiding people to awaken love and intimacy. They are the main teachers of the Tantra Massage Education in Denmark. Read more here

He is also the author of the book “Let’s talk Tantra”.

Ulrik Adinatha and Ananda are skilled teachers, who give practical and useful solutions to the challenges in relationships and sexuality, all in a sphere of great knowledge, understanding of the masculine and feminine psyche, love and humor. They help people to understand how the right way of using the erotic energy can make the couple relation fly on the wings of love, but also how it can make both the lovers grow spiritually and become the best version of themselves.

They love to share from their knowledge – and they love to see other people bloom and unfold their beautiful colors when they learn about the true nature of love and erotic play.

Olinela Giulia D’Altri (IT)


Olinela is a Yoga and Tantra teacher and she has being practicing for more than 10 years. She has lead women tantric groups since she was very young, learning and opening to femininity as a way of discovering oneself and growing spiritually. She is also a talented artist and her way of teaching is full of creativity, genuine personal experiences and deep insights.

Ines Honfi (DK)

Ines has more than 20 years of experience as an Artist and Art teacher. Her process of creation is supported by meditation, yoga and tantra practice which became the gate to access the most wonderful inspirations.

She combines Visual Arts and her tantric knowledge and experiences to transmit beauty, intimacy, ecstasy and elevated love.

Certified Yoga and Tantra teacher of Atman – International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. Her teaching style is deep, passionate, sensual, mysterious and rooted in her many years of intense personal practice, many years of teacher trainings and vast teaching experience in yoga, tantra &meditation.

Ines sees Art as the pure expression of our soul, as a powerful tool for our spiritual growth and transformation.

During this festival we will also see some of her world famous art works being exhibited.

See more at, visit her online gallery, shop an and blog.

Angela Shivani (DK)

Angela Shivani is a tantric yogini and has practiced yoga and tantra since 1998. For more than ten years she has been teaching courses, workshops and retreats in India, Thailand and various countries throughout the world. She is currently based in Copenhagen and is one of the senior teachers at Kama Experiential. Angela is a co-founder of the Tantra Temple in Denmark where she has guided hundreds of singles and couples into the mysteries of Tantra and sacred, tantric eroticism. Having a unique insight into spirituality and human psychology, Angela is driven by the aspiration to bring spiritual knowledge into the daily life of people. In her workshops and classes, she is known for her loving presence and profound ways of guiding the participants and students to explore both the external and internal universe.

Thomas Orboe (DK)


Thomas Orboe is a yoga and tantra teacher at Natha Yoga Center Copenhagen. He is also skilled personal trainer and diet counselor, and has helped many transition to a new healthier lifestyle. Thomas is the coordinator of the Awakening Vira project for helping men re-discover the fundamental principles and mechanisms of masculinity based on ancient tantric knowledge and modern science as he has learned from his mentor and teacher Advaita Stoian.

Sylvie Dakini (RO)

Sylvie is a dancer, a yoga and tantra practioner for more than 10 years. From all the forms of art she explored, dancing remained her biggest passion. After her experience with ballet and modern dance when she was a child, she discovered oriental and indian dance. She coordinated for 2 years belly dance groups for all ages and took courses of traditional indian dance. Recently she started learning pole dance and this helped her manifest even more grace and femininity. Now she is coordinating tantric groups for women and teaching courses and workshops of sacred erotic dance.

Full of life and enthusiasm, Sylvie radiates warmth and confidence together with a good practical sense and vivid intelligence. Combining the tantric teachings with her artistic nature she found a way to bring to surface her deepest emotions and sensuality in a very intense and also refined manner. This made her realize how dancing can be used as an instrument of self-knowledge and self-development, as something which helps us go beyond our mind and thus closer to our true divine nature. ‘

During the festival Sylvie will enchant us with her passionate performances.

Konrad Swenninger

Konrad Swenninger is a yoga- and tantrateacher with more than 20 years experience in applying traditional tantric methods in modern life. As a graduate from the Universities of Gothenburg and Copenhagen and The Danish National Film School, Konrad appreciates tantra as the ultimate background of any humanistic science and art; be it through theatre/film, human rights, sustainable farming, do-it-yourself herbal medicine or green therapy. Konrad merges esoteric perspectives and applicable methods in a life of self inquiry, in accordance with inner and outer nature.

Konrad is the student of Advaitananda and teaches tantra in Gothenburg and Oslo. He is also the founder of Färjås Yogaretreats – a modern tantric monastery.

Ivana & Ziggy

Ivana is a certified yoga and tantra teacher within the Atman yoga federation with over 10 years of experience. Along with her sister Aurora, she has played a pivotal role in facilitating and coordinating Natha Yoga center in Malmo. Her deep passion and dedication to the tantric lifestyle is exemplified throughout her classes. Whether it be first year students, or women from across Sweden in her Tantra for women programs, she always puts her best self forward when it comes to passing on the knowledge of one of the most authentic and comprehensive Tantric courses available.

Ziggy is an Australian who started his tantric journey in India and his curiosity led him to Natha yoga center in Copenhagen. His passion for helping has seen him involved in hosting and supporting numerous events within the community, and in his spare time he is finding ways to refine his touch as a professional tantric masseuse.

Petri Tai Pale

Petri has been practising yoga over 10 years and tantra 8 years. He is teaching tantra in Natha yoga center in Denmark.

He is also offering beautifying tantric massages in Tantra Temple in Copenhagen. He also likes to educate how one can learn to do it.

His background is in arts : theatre, dance and performance art.

He also studied several years of integral psychotherapy and gestalt therapy.

He is teaching workshops from contact improvisation and conscious relating. He likes to bring a contemplative view to these practices.

His three passions in life are to be centered in a heart, to be present and aware, and to be able to listen to inner intuitive guidance in a middle of unknown. He also loves to create spaces where other people can practise these things. He loves simple things, like beauty. Sometimes beauty loves him back.