Intro Ceremony: Awaken to Love

Welcome to Kama Sutra Festival! During this introduction ceremony we will aim to set our intentions for the festival, starting in a conscious way to open our hearts, bodies and mind to discovering the pure pleasures of life. The intro ceremony will include a general presentation of the festival and a more ceremonial artistic part, and some meditative & connecting exercises for opening up.

Love - the aphrodisiac of life

(Angela Shivani)

Love is like listening to a symphony. Life is a symphony and when we love, we are sensitive to the whole of that symphony. A good musician, someone who loves music, might have some favourite instruments but will nevertheless listen to and appreciate the totality of all the instruments in the symphony. And like with a good musician, when we truly love, our heart is sensitive and open to everyone and everything. Therefore when we drop our attachments, obsessions, illusions, desires and fears, everything that prevents us from loving, love will emerge. Love turns us on. Love ignites our zest for life. Love brings fullness and meaning to life and makes us live life fully in all its splendour.
In this workshop, which is both for singles and couples, we will gently polish our hearts through interactive exercises and gradually let go of what obstructs us from loving, thus getting ready for savouring the beauty of life.

From Sugar to Honey - Sex vs Pure Eros

With Ines Honfi

This session is an open invitation to eroticize our life, to look at our erotic side, to constantly be effervescent and in foreplay with life, to awaken harmoniously without inhibitions and taboos our erotic being.

We, human beings, were given a very complex structure. We have an instinctual and vital level, we have will power and the capacity to deeply love, we are also highly intuitive and we are endowed with intelligence and the desire to seek for spiritual wisdom but we undoubtedly were given also a huge amount of sexual energy. The big difference lays in how we approach this energy.
We can try to hide from it and create taboos and inhibitions, we can embrace it from an ego-centered perspective and be at the mercy of our hormonal, instinctual and emotional moods, or we can learn to use our sexual energies and convert them in sublime Eros.

Ines will enfold this fascinating subject making a comparison between sex and Eros and share her experiences and transformations by embracing profoundly her erotic persona.

The Secret Code of Kama Sutra

(Advaita Mihai Stoian)

Once upon a time, in the far Ancient East, a long-forgotten knowledge was secretly kept hidden by Kings and Queens, available only for the initiated ones… This secret knowledge was considered a treasure as it revealed mysterious ways to enjoy life and experience its most exquisite gifts in love, intimacy and refined eroticism. For good reasons, this treasure was hidden from those who did not have the proper training to master their erotic energy, because the wise men knew that the forces of desire and pleasure are the strongest powers within the human being. So they encoded the knowledge of their sacred works in a language of symbols and multiple meanings in order to keep away those who were not ready to handle the power.

One such work of art is the famous Kama Sutra. At a first glance Kama Sutra seems to apparently be just a collection of sexual methods, unusual acrobatic lovemaking positions, behavioral advice for intimacy and weird aphrodisiac recipes, but, in reality, it is so much more.
When cracking the code of Kama Sutra, we understand how desires truly work and the path ahead almost irresistibly opens up… Long nights of refined, extraordinarily intense fulfilling pleasures and love will chase away sleep and frustrations. There will be no way back to the comfortable ignorance of a dull life, because now you know the difference.

Amor & Eros poetry lounge

(more info coming soon)

Sacred intimacy – the Art of Loving Relating

(Aurora & Thomas)

We all seek to feel that profound intimacy, to melt into sweetness until we feel as one with our beloved. But what does it truly mean to be intimate? Intimacy is a fundamental need of our soul. When our heart is open and free of inhibitions, shame, guilt, frustration, expectations and fears it naturally opens and expands to unite and connect with the others. Our natural state of being is to be intimate, with ourselves, with the others and with nature. The tantric system is teaching us how we can open ourselves and experience intimacy consciously and any time we want! Intimacy into erotic relationships becomes a magic gate to endless nuances of happiness, regeneration, love, ecstasy and spiritual awakening. Intimacy is what creates harmony and fulfillment in a relationship, and a condition for being truly happy in relationships, but it requires courage and willingness to learn and to open oneself deeper and deeper. This workshop will be poetic journey into the world of intimacy, and how to begin to choose intimacy consciously in your life. It will contain both inspiring words and playful, loving sensual exercises that teach us how to open to intimacy.
Be drunk with Love, for Love is all that exists. Where is intimacy found if not in the give and take of Love. ~ Rumi

(Open for both couples and singles. No nudity)

Be bare - Nudity & Art - Talk and Workshop

(Olinela Daltri)

Be bare – Nudity and Art

The nude in art has been for centuries the biggest inspiration, symbol of purity, of sensuality that uplift and inspire the soul. Naked statues were present all around the world and cultures, in temples, painting of naked angels in churches.

There is something special about the beauty of a naked body, it inspires, it awakens, not only desire but even more.

In this workshop we will see the connection between art and Kamasutra, we will learn to see with the eyes of an artist and we will also learn to embrace our own beauty and body

Garden of Eden – Eros and Amor Journey

This will be a sensual, poetic, loving, mysterious and playful journey into Eros & Amor. Love & Eros are energies that melt like honey and milk… becoming like a true nectar in our being that expands us and makes us feel intensely alive! In this workshop we will be guided in a playful way towards intimacy, loving openness, sensual polarity games between the feminine and masculine, how to give & receive, how to touch and be touched, how to surrender and yet stay aware, how to lucidly open the sublime eros…

This moment will include erotic artistic surprises, but the workshop itself does not contain any direct sexual interactions.

Reaching the Stars: Roof Top Open Sky Party with DJ Sono Ecstasy

Our evening will conclude with an ecstatic celebration on the lovely roof top. Dancing barefeet to euphoric tunes played by our favourite DJ Sono Ecstasy, we lucidly move into elevated pleasure through movement, dance & artistic surprises under the stars. Fresh aphrodisiac virgin drinks and other delights will be served. In the end there will be a ceremonial ending meditation concluding all our amazing experiences of the day.

*In case of bad weather the party will be moved indoors


Yoga Date: Two Hearts, One Yoga

Ivana & Ziggy

Bring your beloved or a dear friend to a playful couple yoga session!
Couple yoga involves practicing asanas, body postures, that involve both bodies and help us to awaken and discover together new aspects in ourselves and the other one. Practicing couple yoga together in this way calms the mind and relaxes the body. It gives you the amazing gift of being able to sense each other from a place of being grounded and in contact with yourself, creating a deep connection and opening a space for intimacy and just being together in silence. In Power Polarity Yoga we will depend on each other for balance, and our senses will be supercharged, finely attuned with each other we will feel each other breathing and our hearts beating in unison. Power Polarity Yoga is also great exercise. It’s both challenging and relaxing and you will feel great afterwards.
This workshop will be a guided journey with meditative exercises, couple yoga, relaxation and sharing. Come with your partner or pair up with someone at the festival

Tantra Massage – Live Demonstration

With the Tantra Temple

Tantra Massage is a deeply connecting and intimate form of massage that touches people deeply, both in body and soul. It can heal tensions and traumas, awaken all our energy centers, and help us to align our sexuality with our love and our spirituality.

Tantra Massage is a wonderful tool for self knowledge, as when we come in contact with our inner core we discover the shortest path to genuine self-love, which radiates in our close surroundings.

Come and join us for the live demonstration, where you get to learn the approach and attitude of a genuine tantra masseur, you will see a live demonstration of Tantra Massage and, if you are lucky and open for it, you may even have a direct experience of Tantra Massage on yourself.

Some of the topics we will touch upon:

• Why are people coming to Tantra Massage and what are the experiences and tools for inner growth that they receive here?

• How is the massage for women?

• How is the massage for men?

• How can tantric massage help us release issues and blockages, and take our potentials and strengths to heights we didn’t imagine before?

Sublime Eros Contact Impro - Erotic poetic movement


This is an precious invitation for you to join to intuitively explore how you can beautify yourself as a human being trough your way of moving, being, knowing and contacting. And how you can inspire – trough your way – others to do the same.

We will explore naturalness, eroticism, beauty, love, simplicity and goodness both trough guided exercises and also trough spontaneously arising polar interactions. We will explore how we can – by fully connecting our soul with richness of life – find a path to that what is beyond our usual daily life perception.

We will aproach this quest trough organically unfolding contemplative dance, poetic gestures and movements and also trough conscious touch. We will use elements from contact improvisation and conscious relating practicies.

During the practise we aim to cultivate qualities of movement, touch and behaviour which are relaxed, heart and presence centered, aware and open to perceive subtle, intuitive and refined information. Also we will explore how we can touch, move, dance and play beautifully and innocently together – men and women – in the ways which are pure, loving, deliciously intimate, sublimely erotic, poetic, respectful, complementing, healthy, healing, ascending, naturally sublimating, sacred, deeply transforming, nourishing and soul fulfilling.

Erotic happens on the area of the Beauty.

Erotic is path to the Godly.

Erotic is not the end goal itself but the way.

Love will be our guide and the moral and ethical principle of movement formation. We aim to communicate non-verbally and empathically trough a language which souls can understand. Bodies are loved trough touch, play and movement until total fulfillment and expansion of consciousness from practise arrives.

During this sincere practice you are very welcome to remove some or all of your clothes – as much as you feel inspired. You are also very welcome to keep all or some of your clothes on – as much as you feel inspired.

Spice up your life – Awaken your Erotic Power with Aphrodisiacs

– With Aurora Georgijevic

This workshop is an introduction into the art of applying aphrodisiacs for awakening our erotic power. It will be an expedition into the world of erotic stimulus through all senses, learning how different tastes, images, sounds, colors and natural herbs can awaken our erotic appetite. The natural aphrodisiacs, when they are used in the right way, contribute to a general feeling of sensual awakening. They work in synergy with our entire being, they remove flatness, dullness and lack of libido and makes us feel juicy, vibrant, alive, euphoric, fulfilled, sensual, shameless and openhearted. There are many different types of aphrodisiacs, different for each sense, and they awaken different nuances of the erotic energy within us.

For thousands of years, recipes have been circulated for the purpose of increasing libido and loving power. The harmonizing, toning and dynamizing of the erotic force also plays a core role in the Tantric tradition. What makes an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs were used in the ancient times not just as an erection enhancer, but as a life enhancer. Learning how to apply them in a in a playful and conscious way is a fascinating journey of discovery. This will be a spicy, playful workshop where you will be introduced into the amazing world of natural aphrodisiacs. You will get to taste, feel, listen, touch and smell yourself into the land of pure eros.

(This workshop doesn’t require coming with a partner. Contains sensual elements but no nudity)

Sacred Erotic Dance for Women Workshop

(Sylvie Dakini)

This workshop will teach you how to connect to your sublime erotic nature so you can manifest the Goddess within yourself. We will play and learn how to use the alchemical power of sensual dance to eliminate some physical and emotional tensions and overcome the barriers of our mind that keep us from being free of inhibtions. The sensual euphoric dance helps us to amplify our charisma and power of fascination and allows us to rediscovering our profound sensual feminine nature. The sensual dance supports us to become empowered in our femininity, self-confidence, magnetism and the power to control our emotions and awakens our capacity to express freely in an authentic way and without inhibitions.
This will be a playful, relaxed sensual workshop open to all women, where we learn how to awaken our creativity and artistic expression through dance.

Develop your Erotic Masculine Confidence - Seminar for men

(Tomas Orboe)

That confidence that stands firm in any storm, unmoved by the opinions of our surroundings, it doesn’t shiver in front of self doubt or fear. This is the only real confidence and it is a place of rest for the aspiring Tantric. In this workshop we will seek a deeper understanding of the balance between relaxation and action. In daily life as well as in the bedroom. We will study the fine art of surfing the orgasmic wave which can only be mastered if taken with the proper inner attitude. This workshop will shed light on the ancient tantric approach to Erotism and give necessary homework in sense of essential keys and practical tools. “A man is in life how he is in bed”

Pleasure Map – Explore the Erogenous Zones through Conscious Touch (workshop)

With Ulrik Adinatha and Ananda

Knowing all the secrets of your own body and the body of your beloved is essential for taking the erotic experience to a higher level than just sex.

In this workshop we will guide you through the different erogenous zones, both in theory and in practice, in order to learn how to generate erotic arousal. Erotic arousal is not to compare with sexual excitement, typically it is much slower and it creates a much more profound awakening both of body and soul, making you ready for true erotic union.

In order to participate to this workshop you need to pair up (man/woman) before entering. All exercises will be done only within your couple.

What you will learn:

• What are erogenous zones?

• Where are they?

• How should they be touched and in what order?

• How and where to touch to stimulate erotic arousal in my body?

• How and where to touch to stimulate erotic arousal in my beloved’s body?

In this workshop you are welcome to undress as much as you feel like, and you are also welcome to keep as much clothes on as you prefer.

The workshop will include sensual touch, but only with the partner you have chosen beforehand, and only as much as you feel like. We do not encourage direct genital stimulation in this workshop!

Making Love all Night Long - From Dream to Reality - Talk

(Konrad Swenninger)

The secret key to tantric lovemaking is simple to understand. Still, to turn the key and unlock the full erotic power comes only with a fundamental shift in how we perceive love, life and ourselves. Once mastered, the gates of heaven open in all aspects of life.. far beyond the bedroom..

Basically; love is eternal while sex is volatile. If you want to make love all night, make sure to make LOVE, and avoid to have sex. Note how the first is active (make love) while the second is passive (have sex). Love needs to be an active choice, in every moment of the lovemaking.

The energy of love is superior to the urges of sex, but only as long as supported by your full attention, which is not very easy. To be fully emerged in erotic excitation and still remain in loving contemplation is compared to “riding the wild tiger”. When accomplished, the lovers can fully enjoy their sublime union in ecstatic erotic pleasures from the eternal perspective of love. The dream will be just as real as you always dreamt of it to be!

The mini workshop “Making love all night – from dream to reality” will provide you with perspectives, food for thoughts and practical methods on how to master the erotic energies of love and intimacy.

Ending Ceremony

Everything that begins, must come to an end. The ending ceremony will be a moment for crystalizing our experiences, for bringing into awareness the lessons that we learnt, allowing all experiences that we had to find their place in our hearts as seeds for further transformation that we can bring into our every day life. In this way, we get to discover, how through the secret teachings of Kama Sutra and Tantra, our entire life becomes a celebration. In a poetic way, and with artistic surprises, we come into a space of centering, peace, understanding, growth and gratitude.